Fleet History
YWJ111G, a Ford R226 with Plaxton Panorama Elite bodywork, part of the Invincible Coaches fleet in 1976.
In 1976, OBF944M and the rest of the Invincible fleet were joined by the sixth new delivery, NHA32P.  Another Ford R1114 with Duple Dominant 51 seat bodywork with grant specification.  This vehicle was unusual in that it held a record with Duple bodybuilders until their demise, and subsequently to this day, in that, at 72, it had the most number of options specified on any one vehicle.
GWK173L, a Leyland Leopard PSU3 with Plaxton Elite III bodywork to grant specification.  GWK173L is pictured with NHA32P in 1980, showing the latest version of the Invincible livery.
GSA860N, a Ford A0609 with Alexander AM 27 seat bodywork.  GSA860N was Alexander's prototype and demonstrator for the AM type of bodywork, and was part of the Invincible fleet until 1982.  GSA860N was sold on to Maple Hayes Special School near Lichfield, who ran the vehicle until 1998.
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