Fleet History
In 1965, 332YBF was replaced with Invincible Coaches' third new vehicle WRF890C, an AEC Reliance 590 with Duple's new Continental style of bodywork.  Seating 51 passengers, the Continental is pictured here being handed to Invincible Coaches by representatives from Duple.
A relevant newcomer to the British coach scene in 1971 was the Portuguese bodybuilder Caetano.  DRE127K, Invincible's fourth new delivery is a Seddon Pennine VI with Caetano Estoril bodywork.  The Seddon chassis featured a front mounted Perkins V8 diesel engine.
AJW549H, a Ford R226 with Duple Viceroy 37 bodywork, one of four similar vehicles operated by Invincible.
1973 saw the departure of the un-favoured DRE127K, and the arrival of OBF944M, Invincible's fifth new delivery, a Ford R1114 with Duple Dominant 51 seat bodywork.  OBF944M was built to the new "grant" specification, which included a list of features to meet the government's requirements, in order to receive the new bus purchase grant.
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